The Hon. Michael Gunner, Chief Minister, Northern Territory Government of Australia

Andrew Pickering

Andrew Pickering, Chairman, Infrastructure Capital Group

Mark Coffey, Head, Office of Northern Australia

Mike Hughes, Director, Landbridge Infrastructure Australia

Murray Meaton, AO, Director, Australian Institute of Energy

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee, Thought Disrupter

Kevin Peters

Kevin Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Industry Capability Network

Tony McCormack, COO, Australian Agricultural Company

Alastair Shields

Alastair Shields, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Tourism and Culture

Louise McCormick

Louise McCormick, General Manager Transport & Civil Services, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Northern Territory Government

noel beutel

Brigadier Noel Beutel, Director General Capital Facilities and Infrastructure, Department of Defence

Luke Bowen

Luke Bowen, General Manager, Northern Australia Development and Trade, Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, Northern Territory Government