Pre-Conference Workshops

15 Aug 2017

WORKSHOP 1 – Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing

Scott Thomson, CSG & Shale Specialist

Receive an executive overview of hydraulic fracking for unconventional reservoirs: what it is, key terminology, how it’s designed, what it does, what are its benefits, costs, impacts & risks: all to help you understand fracking & discuss it more confidently with stakeholders

Receive an executive overview of hydraulic fracking for unconventional reservoirs: what it is, key terminology, how it’s designed, what it does, what are its benefits, costs, impacts & risks: all to help you understand fracking & discuss it more confidently with stakeholders

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the objectives and applications for hydraulic fracturing
  • Understand what type of equipment and services are needed
  • Gain insights into what determines the type and size of a treatment
  • List the types of fluids and additives and their basic purpose
  • Review the basic process of selecting the appropriate proppant and additives
  • Understand how treatments are monitored and evaluated
  • Review the most significant environmental risks and how they can be minimised
  • Understand why hydraulic fracturing has continued to grow and spread
  • Gain insights on future trends and the latest advancements in fracking

About the Workshop

This unique course provides an overview of the hydraulic fracture treatments that are vital to the commercial success of most CSG, shale gas, shale oil and tight rock reservoirs.

The vast majority of all wells in the world receive injection treatments to improve the flow of oil or gas but hydraulic fracture treatments are one of the most effective, and most controversial.
The reasons for these treatments, how they are designed, the wide variety of treatment options, the key terminology, and the controversial aspects will all be covered. The information will be presented at a level appropriate for those familiar with the oil and gas industry who want a basic review of the process. The technical segments of the course will be presented at a level appropriate for those not experienced with well operations or frac design.

The presentation material will rely heavily on actual field results and on published studies to present a broad, fundamentals-based analysis of hydraulic fracturing for unconventional reservoirs.

About the Expert Facilitator

Scott Thomson

Scott has an extensive background of over 37 years in the coal mining and energy industries. He has held leadership roles in industry and has worked as a consultant to the unconventional gas and coal mining industry for the past 17 years.

He has been a managing director of a leading directional drilling service and a technology supply company, and a coal seam gas CRC research leader.

Scott has worked in most of the major unconventional gas basins throughout the world, and assisted with technology transfer of advanced directional drilling technology into emerging markets.

He holds a BSc in Geology, an MSc in Geology and an MBA, and is a member of the Geological Society of Australia and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

15 Aug 2017

WORKSHOP 2 | Transforming Mindsets
Innovation in action | Creative problem solving

Andrew Lee, Thought Disruptor

Agile, Adaptive, Disruptive let alone exponential and innovative – you’ve heard all the jargon. Let Andrew Lee show you how all this is relevant to the challenges and decisions you are faced with in the age of disruption.

Key Learning Objectives

This workshop has been designed to enable all participants to immediately apply these skills and knowledge back at work.

You will leave this session with a deeper understanding of;

  • Disruption and how to deal with it
  • Transforming mindsets and inspiring possibility
  • Creative (collaborative) problem solving
  • How unconscious bias hampers creativity and decision making
  • Common barriers to innovation (and how to overcome them)
  • Why people withhold their best, and what to do about it
  • Design thinking in action
  • Leading cultural change

About the Expert Facilitator

Andrew Lee

After starting his career in construction and mining industries, Andrew has spent 30+ years working all over the world inspiring and developing adaptive leadership and cultural innovation. A fascinating storyteller with a curious mind, Andrew rapidly gets to the heart of complex issues with profound insight. His ability to explain difficult concepts in a ‘way that makes sense’ is unparalleled. He inspires audiences to reflect on deeply held assumptions; and explore new possibilities.

Andrew has deep experience in the oil and gas sector, working closely with senior executive teams through to platform supervisors. A key achievement was leading a team of facilitators on a 3-year cultural change program focusing on safety, which contributed to the oil company’s best ever safety results.

Andrew has delivered many keynote presentations on cultural change, a highlight being the plenary on “Cultivating Curiosity” at the 2011 “International Conference on Thinking” in Kuala Lumpur.

15 Aug 2017


Pia Turcinov, Business Facilitator, Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP) has developed the Resources Industry Supply Chain Index (RISCI) business assessment tool to help eligible Australian businesses assess their capability and readiness to grow their market share in the resources sector supply chain. Via the RISCI online diagnostic tool, this workshop will enable participating businesses to assess their capability to tender for resources sector projects and become a more capable and value adding supplier.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Outline and apply the RISCI approach, which has been acknowledged by major industry players
  • Understand how RISCI identifies, highlights and clarifies where a business must focus and target capability improvement activity
  • Undertake the RISCI assessment via a step-by-step demonstration focused on your business and confidential to you
  • Consider how suppliers can innovate and collaborate in the sector to grow their businesses and pipeline of future opportunities

About the Expert Facilitator

Pia Turcinov

Pia is an accomplished Executive and Non-Executive Director with broad and strategic experience across a range of industries. With more than 25 years’ experience in industry, she is a highly-regarded protagonist within the Australian innovation eco-system and an experienced enterprise manager and professional facilitator with a deep understanding of innovation, commercialisation and strategic processes.

Leveraging a wealth of practical business knowledge gained in the private, public and NFP sectors, Pia assists companies, industry networks and supply chains in developing globally competitive and innovative business models. Her broad experience as a commercial lawyer, company director and senior manager, is coupled with her specialist knowledge on entrepreneurship, alliancing and the interface between government, research and industry to achieve strategic commercial outcomes.

Having led the Innovation Centre of WA, as well as through her work as an innovation strategist and management consultant, Pia is passionate about leveraging local industry capabilities against emerging innovation opportunities, to drive enterprise growth and global competitiveness.

15 Aug 2017


How to be a profitable energy player in the future – Customer behaviour is the key

Jim Snow, Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland Energy Initiative & Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood

This workshop will take an innovative approach to the forecasting of gas prices and market trends by focusing on the ‘customer’ and acknowledging the power of the ‘prosumer’. Utilise the knowledge, skills and insights of our expert workshop facilitator to help disrupt and recalibrate yourself for change.

Key Learning Objectives

Customer behaviour is key to disruption

  • Why are customers looking for alternatives to the energy supply industry?
  • It is not just price – it involves a lot more
  • The key drivers explored
  • What are the options that are growing and why?
  • Energy Darwinism – the new species evolving
  • Managing the trilemma with a zero-emission target?
  • Energy intensive industries – quadrant analysis.

About the Expert Facilitator

Jim Snow

Jim has 30+ years’ expertise in the energy industry, comprising 12 years in the Natural Gas Industry (AGL). Here he held several senior executive positions involved with the technical end use of energy, regulations and tariffs, contract pricing, analysis of energy projects investment, strategy, mergers and acquisitions and the promotion and marketing of energy.

Jim has spent many years consulting to the energy industry, industrial energy consumers and the water industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. Jim is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, working in the field of energy usage forecasting and the uptake of disruptive technologies.